The Diary of a Remedial Massage Student – term 1

Below are some of my fantastic experiences and a description of the new massage skills learnt during term 1 while studying the Diploma of Remedial Massage at Demi International Beauty Academy.

I decided to break down my experiences into three focus areas (helps me remember for exams!), the Client, the Body, and the actual Massage.  Each focus area supports the others in achieving an excellent outcome for me as a student, and the client by receiving a thorough & professional massage.

The Client

The client is centre to everything we do as a massage therapist – we need to understand what the client’s expectations are of the massage and identify if there are any contraindications in order to assess if someone is fit for massage.  To do this in a professional manner we conduct a client health history and assessment.

The Body

Swedish massage focuses on the movement (or the circulation) of fluids in the body, mainly blood and lymph.  Our theory also covered bones, including bony landmarks, the actions of the body, and all the muscles of the body including attachments, origins and actions.

We covered the theory behind trigger points and how they can cause pain and dysfunction in the body, best of all we learnt how to undo those knots!


 One of our main competencies this term was to understand the sequence and perform a Swedish massage.  We started by learning the ‘the big 5’ massage strokes of Swedish massage and how they help the body.  Over the next couple of weeks we covered the sequences for the back; legs and arms; abdomen and chest; head, neck and face. We then put all of these elements into a full body Swedish massage sequence, meaning we can now perform a 1 hour full body therapeutic massage!   

 Also, we completed a full chair massage sequence and looked at how we can adapt our massage for pregnancy.


So, we’ve reached the end of term one and looking back we have learnt so much, logged huge practice hours on classmates, friends and family; and currently busily completing our workbooks and in preparation for exams. 

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