Qualifications in Cosmetic Tattooing/Micropigmentation


Earn Nationally Accredited Qualifications in Cosmetic Tattooing

 • applying the requirements of federal, state or territory Acts and local regulations relating to skin penetration and infection control

• applying safe work practices in regard to cosmetic tattooing

• interpreting a treatment plan, including adapting the treatment to accommodate changes in client’s condition

• recognising and managing contraindications and adverse effects

• selecting appropriate pigment needles, angle, depth, and electrical current level and safely applying cosmetic tattooing techniques for a variety of treatment areas

• using effective questioning and active listening techniques to consult, reassure and negotiate  with clients throughout the treatment, while maintaining discretion and confidentiality

• evaluating a cosmetic tattooing treatment and advising the client on home care and future treatments

We provide you with a cosmetic tattoo gun valued at $499 as part of the course.

To find out more call Demi International Beauty Academy 07 -5437 6377.


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