Diary of a Beauty Therapist

14040195_1081463011937192_4343147049762398051_n[2]Mani’s and Pedi’s, it’s been all about hands and feet this week.  I really enjoy this treatment.  There is definitely something very relaxing about having your feet done, and providing the treatment.  I was surprised at how much I actually really enjoyed it.  We learnt the correct technique for painting nails. Mastering red nail polish was probably the biggest challenge. Grateful, for the precise instructions from my teacher for that one! I’m excited to be able to offer this service in our upcoming salon days.

Body Treatments were also in the training schedule this week. DELICIOUS!! Exfoliated all over with a natural sugar scrub and then wrapped in body custard.  This is why I LOVE coming to college.  It doesn’t take much encouragement for me to give and receive these kinds of treatments!

I’ve also decided to enrol in the upcoming Lash Extension short course in September to add to my skill set.  I really made the right decision to take a step further in my Beauty career by studying the Diploma.

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Diary of a Massage Therapist in Training

iStock_000011264012SmallWow! Yesterday was such a great day.  So many of us in the class getting excited to see all the anatomy we’ve been learning come together, we are getting the most amazing results from our in-class treatments on each other.

Wednesday clinics are growing and our clients are giving the greatest feedback.  It’s so encouraging when results are this great.  One of our clients was not able to lift her arms past her shoulder height.  At the end of her treatment, she lifted her arms almost level with her ears.  The excitement and shock on her face was wonderful, we were all so happy for her.  She was so pleased to have so much movement returned after many years of chronic pain. I chose to study the Diploma of Remedial Massage for exactly this reason, I really am feeling like I’ve found my fit.

Of course lots of laughs and crazy antics with our teacher as always makes coming to college my favourite time of the week.

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Diary of a Beauty Therapy Student – Term 3 Week 8

Such an awesome start to the week! Monday morning – we met our teacher in Mooloolaba for breakfast and then experienced a class excursion to the Waterfall Day Spa, which is located under the Landmark Hotel.

We were lucky enough to receive a full tour of the premises including a demonstration of their Vichy shower – picture yourself lying down on a luxurious massage table with several shower heads suspended above so that a deep skin exfoliation and hydration treatment can be performed. We then had the opportunity to perform a treatment on one of our students who had no problem volunteering – we were all very impressed by the Vichy room!

We headed back to Demi International to kick off our new module: Design and Apply Makeup followed by another busy Salon Day. We spent all of Tuesday learning the principals of makeup and performing full makeup application on each other. So excited to get these vital skills!!

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Diary of a Make Up Artist Student – Term 3 Week 8

Practical assessment first up on Monday morning on skills learnt over the past couple of weeks including Yasmin Eye, Foundation, Smokey Eye, 3D or regular lip, evening look, lip line.

Probably should have made a bit more effort with the Sexy Resort Wear Photo-shoot brief handed in this week.  We received a little reminder our work (even briefs) can be viewed as a reflection of our professionalism as a makeup artist so it’s best to think about the end user and their expectations when we prepare a brief for review.  Better to learn those tips here then when we are working!

Special Guest Kylie Eustace from Kylie’s Professional spoke to us about fashion (runway) make up – so awesome to have someone with hands on experience in this industry take the time to give us an insight into the madness and mayhem of a fashion event!

On Tuesday we had another special guest from TV come along for a demonstration.  Livio Regano from Channel 7 Sunshine Coast talked about life as a news reader and gave us a couple of tips to consider as a makeup artist such as lighting, angles, hair, etc.  Our teacher then provided a demonstration of applying his makeup ready for today’s weather.  We also spent some time on our Photographic & Hair Workbooks getting them up to date/scratch.

Wednesday we have yet another special guest from Warner Brothers to talk to us about Special Effect Make Up in preparation for our work experience at Aussie World’s Halloween FestEvil!!! Insert spooky sound here…

Finally, we received a Fashion make up demonstration in preparation for our upcoming work experience at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival.  We then practiced various techniques learnt from the demonstration and previous theory.

What a week…huge!

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Diary of a Make Up Artist Student – Term 3 Week 6

Straight into it this week with Ballet make up theory starting with a pale pink base, blocking out the brows and concealing brows by colour correcting to open up the facial features, application of extended liquid liners top & bottom of the eyelids and a red centre to represent the tear duct finished off with red lipstick.  While the look brought back memories of ballet recitals from when I was a kid, it was fantastic to see the transformation of one of my classmates to a ballerina.  The techniques that we are learning here will be put into use later this week with a bit of work experience at the Meridian State College celebration of dance: ‘Dance Infusion’ – a dance spectacular involving a variety of dance genres and student dancers from Year 7 to Year 12.

Next we moved onto a smokey eye demo followed by practical on each other.  This is such a useful and awesome technique that will get lots of practice (at home…right before I head out for Friday night cocktails!).

We got the opportunity during the week to show off our creative side with our Gamazon presentation.  As part of the assessment we had to complete our design on our models for our guest photographer to take a front and side profile image.  The outcomes were fantastic, so proud of everyone in the class who made a super effort & can’t wait to see the photos!!

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Diary of a Beauty Therapy Student – Term 3 Week 6

This week was all about finalising and putting together everything we have learned about body treatments.  If you like to be pampered, touched, or just feel good all over then body treatments are for you! On Tuesday morning we had our Body Treatments practical assessment which I nailed.

We had our busiest salon day ever so we had to be in our best form i.e. sticking to time frames and performing wonderful treatments to encourage our clients to come back.  We are getting so much experience and picking up different skills as we go like managing time frames and client expectations from the visit.

We also revisited the Body structures and Systems module we started last week which was fantastic as a few of us struggled with fully grasping its deeeetailed content (especially the circulatory system)!  So another huge week but loving the course and the hands experience we are getting at Demi International.

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Diary of a Beauty Therapy Student – Term 3 Weeks 3 – 5

Term 3 Week 3

Back to the Monday morning theory assessment…argh!  This week we covered off assessment on Massage – such an awesome module, one of my favourites of the course so far.  Salon Day is in full swing again so if you are interested in a beauty treatment check out our menu and book an appointment on Ph: 5309 6635.

We quickly moved onto our next module on skin therapies framework.  This focuses on providing us an understanding of the growth and development of the skin, genetic factors, wound healing, ageing, disorders, skin chemicals, and diseases V disorders.

Our next module was on pigmentation disorders which cause the skin to appear lighter or darker, blotchy or discoloured.  We learnt the pigmentation disorders occur because the body produces either too much or too little melanin – the same pigment that creates hair, skin, and eye colour.  Melanin also protects the body by absorbing ultraviolet light.  This was such an interesting module which we delved into further by distinguishing the difference between hypo and hyper pigmentation.  I found that by understanding a client’s skin we can better service their beauty requirements with a tailored treatment.

Term 3 Week 4

No exam Monday morning…score!  Instead, we spent it revising and recapping…

After a discussion on Wet & Dry room we watched a demonstration of Bed layering, and followed that up with a Body Scrub and Mask demonstration.


In Tuesday we did a recap of all the great stuff we learnt the day before.  Then working in pairs we performed a body scrub, mud wrap, and moisturiser.


A slow week with our Salon Day however I have a feeling that’s about to change as I’ve heard it advertised on the radio and seen the Facebook advertising – why not come in and give it a go – 30% off all treatments during the month of August!

Term 3 Week 5

Back to Monday morning Assessments – this week we kicked off with Skin Therapies Framework Written Assessment.  I’ve found that by paying attention in class, completing the activities and applying it practically, and a light read through the night before more than enough to get me across the line.

We had a special guest speaker from Steiner describe the spa services they operate on cruise ships.  One of our past student’s Abbey Devitt heads off to London in a few weeks to start her training with Steiner.  Once the training is complete she will begin traveling the world on a cruise ship earning $’s…getting paid to travel the world on a cruise ship doing the job you love!  Just one of the many career opportunities the Diploma of Beauty Therapy can lead.

Our new module (Body Systems & Structures) is quite detailed however our teacher has a couple of ‘learning by association’ tricks up her sleeve to help us through. We used a unique and fun way to learn about cells, let’s just say that I have a bag of jelly full of different lollies to take home…yum!

Salon day picked up this week thanks to the 30% off sale for the month of August – this is great news for us (as more clients means more practice) and clients who get an awesome price!

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Diary of a Make Up Artist Student – Term 3 Weeks 3 – 5

Week 3

It’s been another awesome, yet busy, week in the course.  This week we really cranked up the hands on experience which was great but we all need to focus on the basics at this point to build a good foundation for more complex/advanced scenarios.

We kicked of the week by doing a bit of revision on the functions of the skin including vitamins, sensory, absorption, protection, exertion, secretion.  Our memories were tested on the Eye Structure, and we spent some time on the colour wheel and reviewing Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary colours in relation to the face, lips, eyes, and body shapes.

We set up our work stations and watched a cleansing demonstration before getting the opportunity to apply the same to our classmates while matching an appropriate foundation that suited their skin tone.  The rest of the week was spent on a combination of theory & practical of contouring make up techniques using cream & powder.  We learnt that by using contouring & highlighting techniques we can achieve the optimal oval shaped face.

To finish off the week we completed a day look with Yasmin eye make-up!

I love how the concepts & skills that I have learnt over the past 3 weeks and I can appreciate the base of fundamentals we are building in preparation for what’s to come.  My eyes have been opened to the opportunities that the Diploma in Make-Up Artistry Services from Demi International can take me!

Week 4

Wow! What a week – we stepped it up a notch (or two) with lots of hands on learning.

We kicked of the week with some revision of the primary, secondary & tertiary colours and quickly moved on to discussing body types (Mesomorphs v Ectomorphs v Endomorphs).  Zeroing in on the lips we looked at the structure of the lip and more importantly Lip Correction!  By using techniques such as highlighting, contouring, shading, blending etc we are able to correct and create a 3 dimensional look. We all paired up and tried techniques such as Floating, Lipstick, and 3D.

The rest of the week we covered blush placement for different face shapes.  We got some more hands on practice using colour match foundations, contouring, day look yasmin eye, mascara, liquid eyeliner, and eye brows.

It was perhaps the best week so far, and we even managed to find a bit of time to revise our theory, so it wouldn’t be forgotten.

Week 5

This week was focused mainly on the eyes, eye socket, eye lashes, eyeliner etc…

We started the week with learning the Socket Eye Technique, a classic look that involves defining the natural socket of the eye. We learnt the art of Curling Lashes and how a proper curl can make lashes look longer, thicker, fuller, and assists the eyes appear larger and more awake. Other techniques we learned included application of False Lashes (Strip Lash), application of Individual Eyelashes (clusters), and the use of Pencil Eyeliner & Smudging technique.

One of the highlights for me was learning the Classic Eye Technique (Bridal) – focus here is on creating a classic 3 dimensional look to assist the photographer to create awesome images on the big day.  This is such an important technique to master especially if you have aspirations of creating looks for photography!

We also had heaps of practical application this week, can’t beat hands on experience to support all the theory we are ploughing through.

I forgot to mention last week we received our ‘Glamazon’ assignment which is due to be delivered next week.  This assignment is our opportunity to draw on our creative side by using a Creative Mood Board to pull together a unique look and highlight the elements used to create that look.  I’d better get to it!

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Diary of a Make Up Artist Student Term 3 Week 2

We learnt so much in Week 1 that I was wondering how we were going to build on it in Week 2.  Starting with skin structures & layers of the skin we moved on to the skin and skin disorders.  We were introduced to the colour wheel and gained an understanding of the primary, secondary and tertiary colours and how it’s very important place in choosing the right combination for our model/client – I’m thinking this should be a mandatory course introduced to all high schools so that teenage girls could learn to avoid the ghost look.

We spent some time getting to know and understand the face, lips and eye shapes so that we can apply the right combination to compliment our client’s features.  This is so important considering how different each person looks to the next.  Other interesting items we learnt during the week included the appropriate application of under-base and foundation, cleansing toning and moisturising, different types of brushes & precision blush placement.

One of the most fascinating things we covered were the ingredients in cosmetics, specifically identifying a range of toxic chemicals typically used in cosmetics.  We discussed some known side effects that some users can experience…scary!  Another factor we covered was the PH or acidity/alkaline content of cosmetics – very important depending on the client’s skin PH.

But…it’s not all doom and gloom, we learnt a few simple tips to assist with optimum skin health including antioxidants and vitamin products.

Finally, a big thanks to Nicola from Lime Lilly for coming in and providing some product information on their range of cosmetics http://www.limelilycosmetics.com.au/

I’m learning so much and I feel confident that I am receiving all the skills required for a long career in the beauty industry, the rest is up to me!  Bring on week 3

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Diary of a Make Up Aritist Student Term 3, Week 1

The start of this week was about familiarising ourselves with those activities we do every day but take for granted.  Our trainer set clear expectations of what was required to succeed in the course, gave us a tour of the school, and outlined workplace Occupational Health and Safety requirements.  It was easy see why Demi International is one of the best Make Up and Beauty Academy’s on the Sunshine Coast.

We spent some time getting to know our fellow students a little better and discussed theory developed by Edward de Bono – Coloured Thinking Hats.  This was awesome as I’d never really thought about why people react differently to things.

Probably one of my favourite sessions during my first week was on creative thinking. We were encouraged to link familiar colours, experiences, and feelings – i.e. the colour blue can be linked to feeling cold, or depressed, while yellow is its direct opposite.  We were encouraged to develop our creative thinking strategies via brainstorming and identifying steps of creative thinking including daydreaming!!  We identified creative blockers (such as emotions, personal problems, stress, work issues etc that affect creativity) and were encouraged to push barriers for personal and creative growth.  Finally, we were introduced to Story Boards and how they are a useful tool of trade for Make-Up Artists.

On Wednesday we started to work through our Anatomy & Physiology workbooks focusing on bone and muscle structure of the face (specifically the placement and use of correct terminology). 

Such a whirlwind first week!!  Just the right balance of easing into the start of a new career, the excitement of learning something new, and the challenge of pushing my creative thinking to new places.  Bring on Week 2!!

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