Meet our Beauty Therapy Teaching Team

As a general rule, teachers teach more by what they are than by what they say.

One of the things that we are most proud of at Demi International are the large number of our graduates who find employment in the industry and get the chance to really follow their dreams. We love it when a past student drops in to let us know how much her education with us changed her life. When they pop in, it is always to see their teachers, and often I hear the teacher humbly reply. “I did nothing, you did all the hard-work, and now look at you. Well done”
Teachers are part of the Demi International team not only for their exceptional standards and years of industry experience but for who they are and how much they care. We decided to do a little montage of our talented Beauty Teaching team across all of our campuses, just to give you an insight into what our students and we already know…we have the best teaching team around!

Introducing Sharon Victory, Donna Chadwick, Bridie Eaton and Ali Porter

Sharon Victory
Motivated with an eye for detail. Sharon’s career in the beauty industry began at the tender age of 16 where she rented a space in a hair salon. Anyone who has been part of Sharon’s classroom would agree that laughter is a big part of the day. With over 30 years of industry experience, Sharon has the funniest stories to share. Sharon runs her own boutique salon Sunshine Coast Skin Therapies where she specialises in skin treatments.

The luxurious chique of Sunshine Coast Skin Therapies

When I asked Sharon what the key to success in the Beauty Industry she said
You MUST love working with people in this industry and really believe in the treatments that you offer your clients. That is the key to success.

I then asked her what her advice to graduating student would be. She simply said
I always tell them to be the very best they can be.

Finally, I asked her why so much laughter could be heard coming out of her classrooms. What was her philosophy about life. Her answer made me smile.
Never take life too seriously.


Ali Porter
Making people feel good about themselves mind, body and spirit is Ali’s aim when she goes to work in her own salon B.lush Studios in CBD Toowoomba. Lashes and makeup are her top services. When I asked her who she was most inspired by she answered
Australian Make-up Artist Rae Morris. She shares so much of her knowledge and the secrets to her success.
As an experienced Beauty Therapist, she has a keen interest in anti-ageing techniques and has worked with many Skin Care Companies over her years in salons. Ali loves to travel and hopes to add more stamps to her passport and while she’s there, advance her skills in her other love, photograph. You’ll find yourself laughing at Ali’s spontaneous antics in the classroom where the focus is on communication skills and hands on practice.

As a teacher she loves to see students blossom into industry professionals and uncover their own special talent. It is her intention to have her graduate’s leaving college confident in their skills and knowledge and on their way to finding the job of their dreams.

The funky clean ambience of B.lush Salon

Heart-felt words brightens your day, and makes the job so worthwhile

Ali’s tips for success

  • Practice and persistence
  • Take every opportunity, you never know where it leads
  • Seek work experience in an environment you see yourself working in and walk through the open doors.
  • Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know
  • Everyone has a talent, they just must find the courage to share it.
  • Go with your gut instinct






Sometimes a student can say it perfectly. Here is what a past student Emma McClurg had to say about Ali

Ali provided immaculate teaching skills using a combination of exceptional presentations and excellent hands on teaching skills that catered for all learning abilities. Ali motivates all students to have confidence, strive to pursue excellence and succeed.


Donna Chadwick

Donna loves teaching. She’s been teaching for 26 years! In fact, the biggest influence in her Beauty career was her Academy teacher, who inspired her to follow a career in education. She loves to pass on her knowledge, all with a quirky Lancashire sense of humour and a genuine love for her students. Donna holds professionalism and ethics in the highest regard and encourages her students to embrace each lesson.

It is also important to her that students are taught how to be prepared for the industry, so she focuses on emulating this as much as possible in practical and clinic sessions. Experience has taught her this makes the transition from academy to industry true, realistic and seamless. Apart from teaching Donna’s most memorable experience was opening her own Salon.  A thriving business that employed 6 staff and had a loyal client base, many of which still come to see her for their treatments today. Donna is now in her 36th year of service in the Beauty Industry.

The most humbling and heart-felt comments from a student that Donna has received was from a Single mum of 3 including an autistic child and a disabled child. Who never missed a class.


“I had lots of road blocks ahead of me when I started this course, at times I though I just can’t do this. But every time I thought this I remembered your sweet smile Donna. Your kind hand on my shoulder telling me, this is my time, and how happy I feel on each training day.  Now I have completed my diploma and have a part time beauty job. I have no more road blocks just an endless highway of happiness.”


I asked Donna what the most important thing to her was.

Family. My goal in life is to be happy, kind, helpful and understanding. Life is too short so make it count! I feel so lucky to watch my family grow with health and happiness and to work in this Beautiful industry. I feel blessed everyday that I have chosen this pathway.

…and what do you believe is the key to success?

When you have a dream, a passion, work hard at it.  Stay professional.  Have respect for yourself and others.  Open your mind to possibilities.  If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

Bridie Eaton

Bridie has always had an interest in makeup and beauty treatments, including hair-cuts and dabbled in them all before becoming qualified. Although she admits she nipped a few ears and is thankful she didn’t become a hairdresser.  Maybe we should call her Bridie Van Gough?

Seriously, making naturally based skin care products for  a son with extreme eczema was Bridie’s introduction into the world of skin care and eventually beauty. From humble beginnings as a student Bridie has built two successful business’s including her current business Lara Day Spa and Wellness Center in Victoria.  An upmarket spa with 5 treatment rooms in a

The beautiful healing vibes of the Lara Day Spa

renovated 3-bedroom house.  It’s no surprise then that the people that inspire her most are women who own, build and run successful businesses and manage their family commitments. Bridie loves to instil these qualities in her students, building their confidence because she believes that confidence in their ability is pivotal to becoming an outstanding therapist. When I asked her what she loved about teaching she said.

“I’m helping to make wonderful eager women into talented therapists. Seeing the penny drop when they get the science they have been taught and relate it to their treatments always pleases me”

In the classroom Bridie encourages the students to be hands on very early in their studies.  They go over treatments together and she has a strong belief in repetition as effective learning. She aims to mentor students to be giving and kind as well as providing nurturing, exceptional and professional treatments for their clients. I asked her, since the learning journey is reciprocal what the students teach her.

“Students keep me humble and on my toes.  They inspire me to be the best trainer I can possibly be”

Training my staff and students is so rewarding


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