Increase your Salon & Spa’s Profits Immediately

We are well aware that it is tough out there in the retail beauty and spa industry today. A great way to increase your salon’s profits, increase foot traffic and sales to your salon or spa is to introduce some additional specialised, low cost services to your menu.

At Demi International Beauty Academy we have a number of short courses that can be done in as little as a day which can easily be added to your salons service’s menu. You will see immediate returns on your additional services which will convert to more dollars in your till each day.

These include IPL & Laser Hair Removal, don’t lose your regular waxing clients to another salon who offers this service! Machines are available for rent with no outlay.

Have you thought about offering Aromatherapy Oils to your massages for an additional $30 a treatment? Students will learn how to use aromatic oils to enhance well being and stimulate a health physical, mental and emotional state.

What about adding Gel/Gel Polish to your manicure and pedicures, no bumping, no down time, no wasted time re-doing nail polish and the best result – No Complaints Learn this in just one day. In a little as 2 days learn how to include reflexology to your pedicures – stimulate the body’s own natural healing response by applying pressure with the thumbs and fingers to reflex points which correspond to particular parts of the body including the organs and glands.

Thought about adding hot and chilled stones to your massages? This is a luxurious specialty massage treatment where you can charge an addition $50 to an hour massage.

Other ideas for you to increase your services and profits include:

– Acrylic Nails

– Brazilian Waxing if you dont already do this!

– Microdermabrasion

– Advanced Peels and Medical Grade Facials

– Eyelash Extensions, earn up to $150 for a set.

– Makeup Artistry

– Spray Tanning

All course information can be found at or please give us a call on 07-5437 6377 and we would be more than happy to discuss your options and ideas.

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