Diary of Makeup Artist Student – Week 1 & 2

A week in the life of a Make Up Artist Student:  Join me as I set off on a week by week description of my experiences while studying the Diploma of Specialised Make Up Services at Demi International Beauty Academy.

Week 1

I seriously had no idea what I wanted to do when I finished school.  A lot of my friends had gone onto uni and while that’s great for them I wanted to secure the skills to lead me into an exciting career sooner, a lot sooner! I love all the glitz and glamour Hollywood blockbusters and Paris fashion shows and while it was a bit of a pipe dream – I want to be a part of that with a hands on career in Make-Up Artistry.

I’d heard the ads on the radio so after a quick visit to Demi International’s website and seeing the many flexible options & courses available I secured my spot in the Diploma of Specialised Make-Up Services.

Conveniently located across the road from Sunshine Plaza, on Plaza Parade, I was immediately impressed by the school’s set up.  The Make-Up room is amazing and the teachers have so much experience so I know I’m in good hands!

We learnt so much in week 1, so many things that I hadn’t thought about in the years that I’d been applying my make-up. We were introduced to make-up application, spent some time recognising face shapes, and identifying contra-indications – so important to get your client looking their best!  We also learnt how to prepare and perform make-up applications along with gaining an understanding of the necessary OH&S requirements for a make-up artist. The highlight for me: students get hands on experience of the cleansing, toning and moisturising techniques!!

Week 2

We learnt so much in Week 1 that I was wondering how we were going to build on it in Week 2.  For starters we were introduced to the colour wheel and its very important place in choosing the right combination for our model or client – this should be a mandatory course introduced to all high schools so that teenage girls could learning to avoid the ghost look, which is not ‘so hot right now’…

We spent some time getting to know and understand the face, lips and eye shapes so that we can apply the right combination to compliment our client’s features.  This is so important considering how different each person looks to the next.  Oh, and talking about how everyone looks different we finished off the week with learning the appropriate application of under-base and foundation, basic eye make-up techniques, precision blush placement, and perfect lip colour application…massive week but loved every minute of it!

I’m learning so much and while I probably won’t be working in Hollywood or Paris anytime soon I’m confident that I will receive all the skills required for a long career in the beauty industry, the rest is up to me!  Bring on week 3

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