Diary of a Remedial Massage Student, Term 2 week 2 & 3

Last week we finished off our neuromuscular technique and we can now confidently relieve tight knotted muscles throughout the whole body.  This week we are reviewing the full body massage by putting it all together in preparation for the clinic.

We are all so excited about the clinic coming up later this month, just over 2 weeks away! During these clinics (20/5, 27/5, and 3/6) members of the public will experience our recently developed massage techniques including Full Body and Swedish, and Neuromuscular and Sports massage when required. 

Our next two weeks are focused on mastering the techniques required to complete a thorough sports massage.  The difference with these massages is that there tends to be little or no oil and there is a lot more stretching involved which encourages rapid muscle repair.

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