Diary of a Massage Therapist in Training

iStock_000011264012SmallWow! Yesterday was such a great day.  So many of us in the class getting excited to see all the anatomy we’ve been learning come together, we are getting the most amazing results from our in-class treatments on each other.

Wednesday clinics are growing and our clients are giving the greatest feedback.  It’s so encouraging when results are this great.  One of our clients was not able to lift her arms past her shoulder height.  At the end of her treatment, she lifted her arms almost level with her ears.  The excitement and shock on her face was wonderful, we were all so happy for her.  She was so pleased to have so much movement returned after many years of chronic pain. I chose to study the Diploma of Remedial Massage for exactly this reason, I really am feeling like I’ve found my fit.

Of course lots of laughs and crazy antics with our teacher as always makes coming to college my favourite time of the week.

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