Diary of a Make-Up Artist – Week 4

Wow! What a week – we stepped it up a notch (or two) and completed a fashion look.  It was so exciting researching current trends and applying the techniques to provide that edgy look required for fashion.

 Blue, blue, and more blue – so much blue…electric blue, sky blue, silver blue – the fashion look is all about clean lines, bold colours, no blending, the dramatic, etc. We learned basic, and advanced smoky eye techniques, and used clean lines to create perennially chic cat-eyes.

 More design briefs were presented by my class mates during the week, amazing creative designs capturing edgy fashion looks were shared via story board.  Seeing their work and understanding where they got their ideas has opened up my world to an endless world of creativity!!

 It was perhaps the best week so far, and we even managed to find a bit of time to revise our theory, so it wouldn’t be forgotten. 

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