Diary of a Make-Up Artist Student – Week 6

This week was crazy creative! 


We learnt the techniques required to pull off a hot exotic Egyptian look – i.e. thick eye liner, red lips, and iridescent skin.  We also completed a dramatic fashion look, and a dramatic smoky eye look.

Using colour paints we had a bit fun face painting and creating various characters…which outlined just how broad our industry can be.


We moved onto hair theory, specifically understanding the structure of hair – cuticle, cortex and medulla; each layer performs different functions from providing strength & elasticity, to determining hair colour, to differing levels of shine.  Hair and make-up need to complement each other and by broadening our understanding of hair we broaden our skills as make-up artists.  


Factors that affect hair growth include diet, aging, stress, hormones, etc.


Hair Types – straight, curly, and wavy, Hair texture and density and the products we can use to tame.  We learned about Contra-indications in the hair and scalp – how to identify and act when identified.


Our hair practical included executing braids, barrel curling, blow drying, and straightening.


We completed work books and revision in preparation for assessment next week…huge week!


Next Week


Next week is a huge week, we get to view a live demo of make up being applied to local TV Presenter, and Wednesday morning is our theory assessment followed by a Practical assessment on our self supplied models in the afternoon…stressed any?

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