Diary of a Make-up Artist Student – Week 5

The recent random weather conditions created the perfect thought provoker post our discussion this week, in class, on the appropriate make up for different lighting.  Whether it is outside ‘bright & sunny’ v ‘dark & overcast’, inside under harsh florescent lighting or warm mood lighting its important as make-up artists we understand how the make-up is going to look (or perform) under differing conditions.

We investigated exactly what toxins exist in make-up which enables us to identify which products to steer clear of and understand how to identify healthy alternatives.

We discovered how to temporarily cover up tattoos, they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder however a butterfly tramp stamp, tribal tattoo, or ‘’I Heart Mum” tattoo aren’t always accepted at a photo shoot, job interview, or the first time you meet your boyfriend’s parents.

Make-up is for all ages and understanding our client’s needs helps us to adapt tailored solutions. This week we learned how to apply make-up to a mature person which made me realise just how adaptable we need to be and ensure that we meet each client’s specific requirements.

More of my classmates presented their Fashion Briefs this week, the standard just keeps getting better and better as they take the learning’s and ideas from those before them and build on it.

Next week we will to be introduced to hair theory and have a bit of fun with Egyptian make up…thick eye liner, red lips, iridescent skin is the key.

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