Diary of a Make Up Artist Student – Term 3 Weeks 3 – 5

Week 3

It’s been another awesome, yet busy, week in the course.  This week we really cranked up the hands on experience which was great but we all need to focus on the basics at this point to build a good foundation for more complex/advanced scenarios.

We kicked of the week by doing a bit of revision on the functions of the skin including vitamins, sensory, absorption, protection, exertion, secretion.  Our memories were tested on the Eye Structure, and we spent some time on the colour wheel and reviewing Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary colours in relation to the face, lips, eyes, and body shapes.

We set up our work stations and watched a cleansing demonstration before getting the opportunity to apply the same to our classmates while matching an appropriate foundation that suited their skin tone.  The rest of the week was spent on a combination of theory & practical of contouring make up techniques using cream & powder.  We learnt that by using contouring & highlighting techniques we can achieve the optimal oval shaped face.

To finish off the week we completed a day look with Yasmin eye make-up!

I love how the concepts & skills that I have learnt over the past 3 weeks and I can appreciate the base of fundamentals we are building in preparation for what’s to come.  My eyes have been opened to the opportunities that the Diploma in Make-Up Artistry Services from Demi International can take me!

Week 4

Wow! What a week – we stepped it up a notch (or two) with lots of hands on learning.

We kicked of the week with some revision of the primary, secondary & tertiary colours and quickly moved on to discussing body types (Mesomorphs v Ectomorphs v Endomorphs).  Zeroing in on the lips we looked at the structure of the lip and more importantly Lip Correction!  By using techniques such as highlighting, contouring, shading, blending etc we are able to correct and create a 3 dimensional look. We all paired up and tried techniques such as Floating, Lipstick, and 3D.

The rest of the week we covered blush placement for different face shapes.  We got some more hands on practice using colour match foundations, contouring, day look yasmin eye, mascara, liquid eyeliner, and eye brows.

It was perhaps the best week so far, and we even managed to find a bit of time to revise our theory, so it wouldn’t be forgotten.

Week 5

This week was focused mainly on the eyes, eye socket, eye lashes, eyeliner etc…

We started the week with learning the Socket Eye Technique, a classic look that involves defining the natural socket of the eye. We learnt the art of Curling Lashes and how a proper curl can make lashes look longer, thicker, fuller, and assists the eyes appear larger and more awake. Other techniques we learned included application of False Lashes (Strip Lash), application of Individual Eyelashes (clusters), and the use of Pencil Eyeliner & Smudging technique.

One of the highlights for me was learning the Classic Eye Technique (Bridal) – focus here is on creating a classic 3 dimensional look to assist the photographer to create awesome images on the big day.  This is such an important technique to master especially if you have aspirations of creating looks for photography!

We also had heaps of practical application this week, can’t beat hands on experience to support all the theory we are ploughing through.

I forgot to mention last week we received our ‘Glamazon’ assignment which is due to be delivered next week.  This assignment is our opportunity to draw on our creative side by using a Creative Mood Board to pull together a unique look and highlight the elements used to create that look.  I’d better get to it!

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