Diary of a Make Up Artist Student – Term 3 Week 6

Straight into it this week with Ballet make up theory starting with a pale pink base, blocking out the brows and concealing brows by colour correcting to open up the facial features, application of extended liquid liners top & bottom of the eyelids and a red centre to represent the tear duct finished off with red lipstick.  While the look brought back memories of ballet recitals from when I was a kid, it was fantastic to see the transformation of one of my classmates to a ballerina.  The techniques that we are learning here will be put into use later this week with a bit of work experience at the Meridian State College celebration of dance: ‘Dance Infusion’ – a dance spectacular involving a variety of dance genres and student dancers from Year 7 to Year 12.

Next we moved onto a smokey eye demo followed by practical on each other.  This is such a useful and awesome technique that will get lots of practice (at home…right before I head out for Friday night cocktails!).

We got the opportunity during the week to show off our creative side with our Gamazon presentation.  As part of the assessment we had to complete our design on our models for our guest photographer to take a front and side profile image.  The outcomes were fantastic, so proud of everyone in the class who made a super effort & can’t wait to see the photos!!

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