Diary of a Make Up Artist Student Term 3 Week 2

We learnt so much in Week 1 that I was wondering how we were going to build on it in Week 2.  Starting with skin structures & layers of the skin we moved on to the skin and skin disorders.  We were introduced to the colour wheel and gained an understanding of the primary, secondary and tertiary colours and how it’s very important place in choosing the right combination for our model/client – I’m thinking this should be a mandatory course introduced to all high schools so that teenage girls could learn to avoid the ghost look.

We spent some time getting to know and understand the face, lips and eye shapes so that we can apply the right combination to compliment our client’s features.  This is so important considering how different each person looks to the next.  Other interesting items we learnt during the week included the appropriate application of under-base and foundation, cleansing toning and moisturising, different types of brushes & precision blush placement.

One of the most fascinating things we covered were the ingredients in cosmetics, specifically identifying a range of toxic chemicals typically used in cosmetics.  We discussed some known side effects that some users can experience…scary!  Another factor we covered was the PH or acidity/alkaline content of cosmetics – very important depending on the client’s skin PH.

But…it’s not all doom and gloom, we learnt a few simple tips to assist with optimum skin health including antioxidants and vitamin products.

Finally, a big thanks to Nicola from Lime Lilly for coming in and providing some product information on their range of cosmetics http://www.limelilycosmetics.com.au/

I’m learning so much and I feel confident that I am receiving all the skills required for a long career in the beauty industry, the rest is up to me!  Bring on week 3

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