Diary of a Make Up Artist Student – Term 2 Week 8

Here we are at week 7 already and only 2 weeks left until I’m qualified!  I’ve had some time to reflect about the past 6 months and just how much content we’ve covered AND how much I’ve learnt.  The course has covered so much and given us exposure to the many directions a career in Make-up can lead someone who is prepared to put in the time & effort!

So, this week we knocked off our Theatre exams and started through the Special Effects content.  So far we have covered deceased look, Bullet holes, and lacerations theory.  We have been working with latex to create 1st 2nd and 3rd Degree burns, and working with tones and colours to create the different stages of bruising & healing.  It’s amazing what a bit of sugar and coffee granules can do to make an abrasion look more real, almost as if you’ve just skinned your knee in the dirt.  Next we will be moving onto Bullet Wounds (exit wounds), deeper lacerations, and create animal bites.  I didn’t think I would be enjoying this stuff as much as I am.  It’s amazing to transform someone’s look to a state of trauma with a few simple techniques!!


Diploma of Specialised Make-Up Services is a 6mth full time (day) or 12mth part time (night) course and is designed to prepare students to work in specialist roles in the makeup services industry, such as hair and makeup artists and designers, photographic and/or high fashion makeup artists and stylists, retail makeup artists, freelance makeup artists and bridal makeup artists. 

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