Diary of a Make up Artist Student – Term 2 Week 7

The focus for week 5 & 6 was ‘The Wiz’ production. In the lead up we spent time deciding on important things such as which makeup artist would do the makeup for each character, and what we wanted the final design to look like. We were frantically practicing on each other, trying to perfect each of the looks within the given time frame (for most of us – fewer than 2 hours for hair and makeup!!). Using products such as glitter, false lashes and liquid eyeliner, each of the looks was practiced over and over so everything would be ready for opening night!


By the end of the week most characters were sorted, with some tweaking needed for others. So to change things up a bit on Wednesday we learnt the proper technique to apply traditional ballet makeup. The main aspects of this was red lips and drawing on the eyes to make them look bigger!  We are looking forward to seeing some of the pics our good friend (not make-up student), Ricky Leigh, took.

As we’ve spent the last couple of weeks working on ‘The Wiz’ production we are now playing catch up on some theory required to complete our latest assignment.  We looked at Jennifer Anniston inspired make up of the 90’s, and the beautiful sparkle of the 2000’s including loose eye dust.  We also did a catch up session on fairy/fantasy for those who missed it.

Today we explored Indian Bridal make up which can be summed up as dramatic and sexy.  It’s all about the eyes with bright eye shadow smoked and blended out, eye liner is very important and waterproof so that it lasts!  Lips are bright reds, oranges and pinks avoiding anything that is too pale.

In contrast we worked on cosmetically applying Maori Tribal Tattoos to the face.

Next week we move onto special effects which means we will learn all the tricks to replicate cuts, abrasions, lacerations, bruises, gunshot entry & exit wounds, 1st to 3rd degree burns, stained tooth enamel (old, coffee/wine & cigarette stained), blood, deceased looks all the makings of a good horror film!

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