Diary of a Make-Up Artist Student – Term 2 Week 4

This week has been so much fun – it’s all about the principals of stage make-up. 

 We learnt how to effectively make a person’s skin ’age’ using creams (Aging with Cream) and put our theory into practice by applying a Lean (Skinny & Old) and Stout (Fat & Old) look to our fellow students.   The results were amazing and were shown off around the school accordingly!

 On Tuesday we progressed to the technique of Aging with Latex.  This technique includes the application of latex and then with the use of a hairdryer and other tools we stretched and coloured to create effects such as hairy warts or broken capillaries to give the appearance of age.  I based my design on my old English teacher…she was 128 years old, okay maybe not that old…

 We have also spent some time on developing our character looks in preparation of Nambour State High School’s production of the Wizard of Oz.  This week we are focusing on creating looks for the Tin Man and the Good Witch.  With a cast of 70+ we have spent time creating flexible looks for the extras (who play multiple characters such as crows) to enable quick costume/make-up changes to whatever their next character (in the script) requires.

Are you or someone you know interested in getting into the beauty industry or an aspiring make-up artist?  We are taking enrolment applications for our Mid Year entry NOW.  Classes start on the 14th of July 2014 and we have limited spots left in the following courses:

·         Diploma of Beauty (Full time day)

·         Diploma of Beauty (Part time night)

·         Diploma of Specialised Make-Up (Full time day)

Visit the Demi International website for more information or call today on 07 5309 6635.

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