Diary of a Make-up Artist in Training

Makeup_11.3.13This week has been really exciting!  We’ve all really had to use our imaginations to break down scripts, create storyboards, breakdown characters and design face charts to suit. It’s definitely a real skill to be able to do this effectively and represent a character really well.  Our teacher is so supportive, stepping us through all the necessary steps to producing a really effective makeup brief.

Period pieces and special effects characters are definitely my most favourite to create.  We decided as a class to work in groups on three different movies  (Titanic, Mean Girls and Twilight) and create a brand new scene! We have such a great opportunity in the Diploma of Specialist Make-up to really develop and use our creativity.  We have all been busy creating storyboards, character analysis, and hair and makeup charts – for the scenes that never made the big screen. Even though I think the work we’ve done is so great, that they should have!

It’s been both challenging and rewarding learning to work with my group and all the different dynamics that happen within a group.  So many great ideas, how do we agree on just one? With our teacher’s guidance we have all learnt how to negotiate and communicate with each other to produce the end product. Because in the end that’s what we are really working towards.

Watch this space for the next Adruitha Lee and Robin Matthews team!


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