Diary of a Make Up Aritist Student Term 3, Week 1

The start of this week was about familiarising ourselves with those activities we do every day but take for granted.  Our trainer set clear expectations of what was required to succeed in the course, gave us a tour of the school, and outlined workplace Occupational Health and Safety requirements.  It was easy see why Demi International is one of the best Make Up and Beauty Academy’s on the Sunshine Coast.

We spent some time getting to know our fellow students a little better and discussed theory developed by Edward de Bono – Coloured Thinking Hats.  This was awesome as I’d never really thought about why people react differently to things.

Probably one of my favourite sessions during my first week was on creative thinking. We were encouraged to link familiar colours, experiences, and feelings – i.e. the colour blue can be linked to feeling cold, or depressed, while yellow is its direct opposite.  We were encouraged to develop our creative thinking strategies via brainstorming and identifying steps of creative thinking including daydreaming!!  We identified creative blockers (such as emotions, personal problems, stress, work issues etc that affect creativity) and were encouraged to push barriers for personal and creative growth.  Finally, we were introduced to Story Boards and how they are a useful tool of trade for Make-Up Artists.

On Wednesday we started to work through our Anatomy & Physiology workbooks focusing on bone and muscle structure of the face (specifically the placement and use of correct terminology). 

Such a whirlwind first week!!  Just the right balance of easing into the start of a new career, the excitement of learning something new, and the challenge of pushing my creative thinking to new places.  Bring on Week 2!!

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