Diary of a Beauty Therapy Student – Week 6

It definitely feels like we are at the business end of term with assessments for manicure and pedicures yesterday and revision work for our facial assessments next week filling in our time this week.

The week we performed a classic French polish manicure – I have always wanted one of these and now I know how to do it!


We are currently revising our theory and practical by performing facials on each other in class, and to broaden our experience we regularly swap partners so we get experience with different types of skin so that we get familiar with adapting to the client’s skin requirements. 


We had a unique experience during the week when one of my fellow classmates identified a milia (tiny skin cyst filled with a protein called keratin). Subsequently, my classmate got to perform their first milium extraction which required the use of a micro lance.  She pierced the epidermis to create an opening to allow the keratin to escape.  It took a few goes however her persistence and support on the surrounding skin during the procedure ensured success!


Next week:


Facials theory and practical assessment…time to go and study up!

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