Diary of a Beauty Therapy Student – Term 3 Weeks 3 – 5

Term 3 Week 3

Back to the Monday morning theory assessment…argh!  This week we covered off assessment on Massage – such an awesome module, one of my favourites of the course so far.  Salon Day is in full swing again so if you are interested in a beauty treatment check out our menu and book an appointment on Ph: 5309 6635.

We quickly moved onto our next module on skin therapies framework.  This focuses on providing us an understanding of the growth and development of the skin, genetic factors, wound healing, ageing, disorders, skin chemicals, and diseases V disorders.

Our next module was on pigmentation disorders which cause the skin to appear lighter or darker, blotchy or discoloured.  We learnt the pigmentation disorders occur because the body produces either too much or too little melanin – the same pigment that creates hair, skin, and eye colour.  Melanin also protects the body by absorbing ultraviolet light.  This was such an interesting module which we delved into further by distinguishing the difference between hypo and hyper pigmentation.  I found that by understanding a client’s skin we can better service their beauty requirements with a tailored treatment.

Term 3 Week 4

No exam Monday morning…score!  Instead, we spent it revising and recapping…

After a discussion on Wet & Dry room we watched a demonstration of Bed layering, and followed that up with a Body Scrub and Mask demonstration.


In Tuesday we did a recap of all the great stuff we learnt the day before.  Then working in pairs we performed a body scrub, mud wrap, and moisturiser.


A slow week with our Salon Day however I have a feeling that’s about to change as I’ve heard it advertised on the radio and seen the Facebook advertising – why not come in and give it a go – 30% off all treatments during the month of August!

Term 3 Week 5

Back to Monday morning Assessments – this week we kicked off with Skin Therapies Framework Written Assessment.  I’ve found that by paying attention in class, completing the activities and applying it practically, and a light read through the night before more than enough to get me across the line.

We had a special guest speaker from Steiner describe the spa services they operate on cruise ships.  One of our past student’s Abbey Devitt heads off to London in a few weeks to start her training with Steiner.  Once the training is complete she will begin traveling the world on a cruise ship earning $’s…getting paid to travel the world on a cruise ship doing the job you love!  Just one of the many career opportunities the Diploma of Beauty Therapy can lead.

Our new module (Body Systems & Structures) is quite detailed however our teacher has a couple of ‘learning by association’ tricks up her sleeve to help us through. We used a unique and fun way to learn about cells, let’s just say that I have a bag of jelly full of different lollies to take home…yum!

Salon day picked up this week thanks to the 30% off sale for the month of August – this is great news for us (as more clients means more practice) and clients who get an awesome price!

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