Diary of a Beauty Therapy Student – Term 3 Week 6

This week was all about finalising and putting together everything we have learned about body treatments.  If you like to be pampered, touched, or just feel good all over then body treatments are for you! On Tuesday morning we had our Body Treatments practical assessment which I nailed.

We had our busiest salon day ever so we had to be in our best form i.e. sticking to time frames and performing wonderful treatments to encourage our clients to come back.  We are getting so much experience and picking up different skills as we go like managing time frames and client expectations from the visit.

We also revisited the Body structures and Systems module we started last week which was fantastic as a few of us struggled with fully grasping its deeeetailed content (especially the circulatory system)!  So another huge week but loving the course and the hands experience we are getting at Demi International.

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