Diary of a Beauty Therapy Student – Term 3, Week 2

This week it has been all about massage and we have been loving it!

We learnt about the benefits of massage and gained an understanding of the skeletal and muscular system. 

The pre massage routine includes identifying (establishing) contraindications & confirming massage pressure.  As we went through each part of the massage sequence covering all the major muscle groups we maintained the 3R’s of massage Rhythm, Rate, and Repetition.

 Our teacher put together a new sequence that she created from her years of experience, drawing from Thai, Swedish, and Hawaiian massage therapies. It was great to learn a sequence designed from years of hands on positive (and maybe a few negative) experiences.

 Monday was lot of hands on practice and learning followed by Salon Day in the afternoon.  Tuesday we had our Practical Assessment…now, time to go and study up for next week’s massage written assessment!

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