Diary of a Beauty Therapy Student – Term 2 Week 8

Salon Day is getting bigger and bigger, and thanks to radio advertising, busier and busier!  This is great for us because we are getting a lot of experience and building confidence all the time.

Special Guest Speaker Danielle Mondahl – Thai Yoga Massage (https://www.facebook.com/TYMbyDani) spoke to us about mindfulness, breathing techniques, personal rituals, demonstration of some group meditation/yoga poses, her experiences in her industry, how to strengthen and care for the body in our demanding industry and much more.

 We are covering two theory modules this week including Conduct Financial Transaction, and Working Effectively in a Retail Environment.  Conduct Financial Transactions covers Point of Sale (POS) terminals, getting change from the bank, preparing the daily float, and the importance of the POS reports for the business.  While the module named Working Effectively in a Retail Environment we explored the hierarchy of an organisation, human resources, how a business or organisation grows, awards, etc.  We managed to talk our teacher into allowing us to finish off the theory at home so that we could finish off the day with a bit of waxing to keep up our skills!

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