Diary of a Beauty Therapy Student – Term 2 Week 6

Arrgghh Monday morning written exams (This week we had a written exam on Nail Services Framework) are a struggle but the upside is it’s done and we had our Salon Day in the afternoon which is where we get the opportunity to put our theory and newly developed skills to good use. 

In our second week of running a Salon Day we had the opportunity to perform treatments on a few male clients (4 to be exact).  The opportunity to practice on males (other than our partners, when AND if willing) has been somewhat limited so it was great to extend our knowledge and hands on experience.

Our theory this week focuses on the ‘Provide Service to Clients’ and ‘Advise on Beauty Services’ modules which focuses on the benefits of a Beauty Salon/Retreat’s range of treatments, along with the importance of strong product knowledge to build confidence with our clients.  We learnt that by asking the right questions and adjusting our style to meet the client’s needs we have the best chance of optimising our interactions.  We have been participating in a number of activities and games to highlight these principles.

Bring on week 7…getting to the pointy end of term which means I’m closer to my Diploma!

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