Diary of a Beauty Therapy Student – Term 2 Week 10

Last week of Term 2, I’m half way through my Diploma and I’m so happy with the progress that I’ve made.  Our Salon Day has been getting busier and busier thanks to a bit of radio and facebook advertising.

Last week we started a new module on Safe Work Practices and a nice little surprise of an assignment due the first day of term 3!!  Argh…so much for a relaxing holiday break…although I have to admit that I am trying to smash out as much of it as possible this week.

This week we have been doing a wrap up of term 2 including checking that we are on the right track with the Advanced Facials assignments we’ve been working on at home. I have learnt so much with this assignment as it requires a bit of online research.  There are so many different skin types and just as many associated treatments for them. These are due tomorrow (last day of term 2), and the best 2 assignments receive a mystery gift!

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