Diary of a Beauty Therapy Student – Term 2, Week 1

After a very relaxing couple of weeks off we are right back in the thick of it (literally) kicking off the term with female intimate waxing. We have been learning the process from preparing the client before their treatment, ensuring that a shower is part of it, no moisturisers or creams have been applied, and that they wear loose fitting clothes to reduce discomfort post treatment.

 We learnt that our professionalism ultimately comes from being confident and using the right terminology when talking to the client about the procedure AND during.

One of the most important steps of this treatment (especially if we want our client to come back) is the correct post treatment & care of the waxed area to reduce flare ups and discomfort.  Taking action such as not using a body scrub on the area and not exposing to sunlight for 48hrs are some tips that reduce the likelihood of issues. After 48 hours the focus moves to exfoliating the area to reduce the build up dead skin cells and keeping the skin soft in an effort to reduce the possibility of ingrown hairs.  Finally, we discussed the importance of proper hygienic procedures to stop the spread of bacteria from one client to another.  Before this session if you asked me what is involved in a female intimate waxing other then the removal of hair I probably wouldn’t have had much to say, however, I now know all the steps required to effectively and hygienically perform one and my future clients will definitely benefit from it!

 Next week we move onto the Yuva Skin Care range and will to discuss the machinery required to perform advanced facial treatments.  

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