Diary of a Beauty Therapist Student – Week 7

More assessment this week – Facials: both written and practical assessment after the mani/pedi effort last week.  Easter will be a very welcome break for all my classmates!

I couldn’t think of a better way to get over the stress of yesterday’s assessment then being provided the opportunity have a representative from the industry provide hands on demonstration and training.   Our first session by Pelactiv focused on Skin Care and their range of products.  We discussed each product, the ingredients, its intended use, and the type of skin it was designed for.  We covered Pelactiv’s range of cleansers, toners, masks, moisturisers, and exfoliate. The products were simple & easy to use and the demonstration/training helped us how to get the most out of each specific product.  I even learnt that the little tiny granules in my face wash not only exfoliate but polish the skin.

I loved the opportunity to quiz someone who gets to see and experience a lot of what our industry has to offer.

We spent the afternoon completing chemical peels on each other.  The premise of a chemical peel is the treatment product creates a chemical reaction which dissolves dead skin cells…a little nerdy but kind of cool too!

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