Diary of a Beauty Therapist Student – Week 5

Week 5 and the course diversity is so engaging as everything we are learning is so relevant to our personal lives, as well as that of a Beauty Therapist.  This week we moved onto Nutrition and we discussed the techniques that we each use to keep healthy on a day to day basis – I got some great ideas!  We also talked about how the fuel we feed our bodies can affect the performance of our mind, body, and skin – we are what we eat!

By understanding the healthy eating pyramid & portion size we were able to visualise how a balanced diet is maintained and the requirements to sustain body weight by balancing the food eaten (energy in) with physical activity (energy out).

We discussed age related diseases and how our food requirements change as we age.  We also covered the endless diets and fads society uses as a quick fix to an unhealthy lifestyle.

By far the most interesting part of the week focused around the digestive system and the role organs play in converting food into energy and the basic nutrients required to feed our bodies.  We investigated the six primary processes of the digestive system from the Ingestion of food, Secretion of fluids and digestive enzymes, Mixing and movement of food and wastes through the body, Digestion of food into smaller pieces, Absorption of nutrients, and the Excretion of wastes – this last one created some in-depth discussions…but by understanding what my body does with the food I eat is going to make me think twice about that midnight run through maccas!

I got so much out of this week, both as a Beauty Therapist, and someone who has always wanted to know what a healthy diet looks like and the actual affect it has on my body.

Next week we have a representative from a skin care company spending the day with us to talk about each product, their properties, and their benefits etc.   Its great getting exposure to those outside the classroom and understanding their experiences!


We will also put some of our theory into practise by performing and receiving a skin peel (a deep exfoliation with fruit acids).

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