Diary of a Beauty Therapist Student – Term 2 Week 5

Mondays just keep on getting bigger and bigger!  We kicked off this week with a written and practical assessment on all the theory we learnt last week on Microdermabrasion.  I’m not sure if it’s the way I want to start my week but I’m super happy it’s done!

In the afternoon we had our first Salon Day where we got the opportunity to perform on the paying public – this is where we get a real taste of our future careers as beauty therapists.  The feedback we received was very positive which included conversing well with the clientele, up-selling to multiple treatments (where possible), and good preparation that enabled the day to run smoothly.  We also spent some time getting familiar with the electronic booking system…this opportunity (Salon Day) was amazing as it pulled together a lot of what we’ve learnt into action and provided a realistic feel for  what our future day to day roles could entail.  Why not check out the menu here and book in some U time!

Today we were lucky enough to receive some training on the Yuva skin range.  We all love these products for their natural ingredients and how easy they are to work with.  We have a huge ‘wish list’  of products from the range we’d love to see at the school as they’re designed to suit a lot of different skin types (including ours!!) and have some great benefits.

Next week we have written assessment on Nail Services framework which is a theory only based module on how to identify contraindications, contagious & non contagious diseases and disorders.  We will learn how the elderly tend to develop different issues then their younger counterparts and how, as beauty therapists, we need to be able to identify when a client should be seeking specialist advice from a podiatrist. Also, this module requires us to have an understanding of the anatomy and function of the nail plate, hand, and foot.  So the next couple of days will be spent reading and studying all things hands & feet!

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