Diary of a Beauty Therapist Student, Term 2 Week 2 & 3

In Term 1 we covered Facial Treatments and now we step it up a gear into the world of Advanced Facial Treatments.  During this module we are learning the benefits of galvanic treatment which aims to improve the skin via an electro-chemical reaction. There are two types of treatments: iontophoresis; or desincrustation, say that 10 times after a couple of glasses of champagne!

How it works is a light electrical current is applied to the client’s skin which creates a chemical change to the vascular and lymphatic circulation.  This technique provides a deep cleanse that breaks down oil and allows trapped fluid and fat to be dispersed and eliminated; or push ingredients deeper into the skin…win/win.  Oh, and another nerd fact, depending on the product (which is either positively or negatively charged) we apply the same polar charge to create the right electro-chemical reaction.  If you have fillings in your mouth then you may even get a metallic taste in your mouth, weird yet kind of cool at the same time.

Another interesting technique we learnt this week was how to use a Modelling Mask – we apply gauze across the clients face and then apply a thick gluggy substance across the face and neck that has a similar consistency to rubber.  As the face has been cleansed before the mask the skin is happy to receive the hydrating ingredients and allow them to penetrate deeper into the skin as the mask creates a vacuum seal.  

To top off everything off this week we learnt how to perform a Lymphatic Drainage Massage.  The purpose of this massage is to increase the volume of lymph flow to improve the body’s immune system and ability to fight infection.  In a healthy body this can dramatically improve recovery from a cold or fatigue and considering the flu season has just hit us this couldn’t have come at a better time!  We’ve been talking in class about how boring it is to give one of these massages as it’s a very slow and soft massage however it is awesome to receive!!

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