Diary of a Beauty Student – Week 3

Week 3

I can’t believe it’s week 3 already…I’ve been so busy enjoying the course that time is just flying by!  It only feels like yesterday that I walked through the door of the academy, butterflies in my tummy, I haven’t looked back since.  PLUS…I’ve made so many new like minded friends that turning up to learn is nearly like catching up with friends – Learning shouldn’t be this easy!!  

This week we moved onto Skin Biology, and learnt how to apply those principles to perform Facial Treatments.  

Skin Biology

This section of the course was fascinating.  I was never a fan of any science at school, let alone biology – snoozes – however it’s amazing how easy it is to learn when you link theory into actual application of something of interest (suggest you take this on as a tip Mr Evans from Yr 8 Biology!).  We identified skin structure and gained an understanding of the function & role of the skin – so much more useful then dissecting a frog like we did at school.

We spent some time exploring skin colour and how it reacts to light. It was so interesting learning the ways our skin darkens and lightens. We also discovered that the skin is actually a sense organ and has so many functions, like heat regulation, sensation, immunity – the list is endlessI won’t bore you with the detail but let’s just say that I now know so much more about how important it is to have a skin care regime tailored to specific skin types in order to ensure that it’s always looking its best.  Our challenge as Beauty Therapists is to understand a client’s skin requirements in a small amount of time and provide a treatment and subsequent advice to maximise its potential.

Facial Treatments

Following on from the fundamentals learnt in Skin Biology this module focused on its application when our potential client seeks a facial treatment.  By understanding our client’s expectations and identifying any contra-indications (problem areas) we can provide make a connection with the client while providing a sense of professionalism by tailoring the facial treatment plan.

What I loved about this week gave us the knowledge and skills to actively understand what our client wants from their facial treatment while providing helpful advice on how to improve any problem areas.  Just another way this diploma has taught me how I can help people look, and feel, their best!

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