Diary of a Beauty Student – Week 2

Week 2

I always wondered why the mani’s and pedi’s I do at home never look anywhere near as good as those from the Beauty Salon or Spa.  Well, this week we learnt the techniques that are the difference between bleak and sheik.

We learnt that there is a lot more to a mani/pedi then just painting nails – We want to create a relaxing experience for the client whereby we identify the individual’s needs including assisting with nail health, identifying contra indications, and finish off with spectacular looking nails!  We also learnt about paraffin wax treatment and its benefits in preparing/moisturising the skin to support healthy nails.  After hearing many horror stories over the years one of the most important things we learnt during the week was the appropriate sterilisation and hygienic processes to avoid such disasters – eeek!

We also managed to find time to hone our lash and brow tinting together with a touch of precision eyebrow shaping.

The course is moving at a good pace to keep our interest while our skills are improving daily and confidence is riding high.  I can’t believe it’s only been 2 weeks, we have covered so much!!

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