Diary of a Beauty Student – Week 1

A week in the life of a Beauty Therapist student:  Join me as I set off on a week by week description of my experiences while studying the Diploma of Beauty Therapy at Demi International Beauty Academy.

Week 1

So I decided it was time to take control of my future.  I love helping people so a natural fit for me was assisting people to look and feel their best through beauty therapy.  I kept on hearing the Demi International ads on the radio so after a quick visit to their website and seeing the many flexible options available I secured my spot in the Diploma of Beauty Therapy.


A quick stroll from my bus stop at Sunshine Plaza I was pleasantly surprised with the school’s set up.  The modern ‘spa/salon’ decor turned my feelings from nervousness into excitement.  I met the teachers who are all down to earth and have so much real world experience, which for me means a real connection with the techniques we will learn and its application to our future clients.  I find out that this is sooner than I expected as the school has regular salon days where we get our first opportunity to demonstrate our skills on real clients.

What a first week!  I’d never had a leg wax before let alone a bikini wax…we learnt the techniques to effectively remove unwanted hair, reduce the speed and prickliness of hair regrowth keeping the client silky smooth (and happy) for longer.  One of the awesome benefits of learning this technique, and all techniques during the course is that I get to experience it on my own body; I know firsthand exactly how it feels before, during and after each treatment which gives me the confidence to talk through the steps with future clients.

We have already learnt how to enhance a person’s facial features through eyebrow and eyelash tinting.  There are so many colours to suit any skin tone or special requirements…who would have thought that something so simple could have such a positive impact on a person’s appearance! I’m already booking in family and friends at home $$$!!!

After my first week at Demi International I knew that I’d made the right decision.  I recommend that anyone who has an interest in a career in beauty therapy visit the website today!

In week 2 it’s our opportunity to show our artistic side when we move onto manicures & pedicures including paraffin and nail care.

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