Meet one of our Makeup Teachers at Maroochydore

Stacey Oertel

Family is the most important thing in my life.

“Making someone feel special, I believe is the best gift of all”

That’s probably my motto in life and it translates to everything I do.  Even in the classroom I am always encouraging my students to be the best versions of themselves. I believe this is paramount to getting them industry ready, so they can hit the ground running.  Not only will they have all the essential skills they need but the confidence and self-belief to become successful in their chosen area.

People inspire me the most. My family are the most important thing in my life.  I have been so blessed to work with so many wonderful people, including the fabulous teaching team I am a part of now.  Working internationally on cruise liners has probably been my most memorable experience. Even then it was about making as many people as possible feel and look good. That included all ages and walks of life. As well as my cruise liner experience my favourite freelance work to do is weddings and special occasions.  Being a part of someone’s wedding day is very special. I love the excitement and although at times you are required to work under extreme pressure, the anticipation of the event always wins out. The smile on the faces of the people you have just made feel special is the best reward every single time.

Some of the fun loving team I work with.

Teaching to me is a reciprocal experience. The student learns from the teacher and the teacher learns from the student. I truly believe we can all learn something from each other. I especially encourage questions, a million or more, that is what learning is all about. My aim in the classroom is to create an environment that is relaxed, supportive and inclusive of everyone. I really believe to succeed we have to be kind, to ourselves and to others. There’s no drifting though.  I am very focused and goal orientated and lead my students to set goals and develop the will to achieve them through dedication and hard work.  In fact that is my key to success:

“Be kind to yourself, believe in yourself.  Nothing just falls into your lap.  You need to be dedicated and work hard.  Set goals and do what ever is necessary to make them happen!

I look forward to having you join me in the best educational experience in makeup you’ll ever have!

Love Stace x

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Meet our Beauty Therapy Teaching Team

As a general rule, teachers teach more by what they are than by what they say.

One of the things that we are most proud of at Demi International are the large number of our graduates who find employment in the industry and get the chance to really follow their dreams. We love it when a past student drops in to let us know how much her education with us changed her life. When they pop in, it is always to see their teachers, and often I hear the teacher humbly reply. “I did nothing, you did all the hard-work, and now look at you. Well done”
Teachers are part of the Demi International team not only for their exceptional standards and years of industry experience but for who they are and how much they care. We decided to do a little montage of our talented Beauty Teaching team across all of our campuses, just to give you an insight into what our students and we already know…we have the best teaching team around!

Introducing Sharon Victory, Donna Chadwick, Bridie Eaton and Ali Porter

Sharon Victory
Motivated with an eye for detail. Sharon’s career in the beauty industry began at the tender age of 16 where she rented a space in a hair salon. Anyone who has been part of Sharon’s classroom would agree that laughter is a big part of the day. With over 30 years of industry experience, Sharon has the funniest stories to share. Sharon runs her own boutique salon Sunshine Coast Skin Therapies where she specialises in skin treatments.

The luxurious chique of Sunshine Coast Skin Therapies

When I asked Sharon what the key to success in the Beauty Industry she said
You MUST love working with people in this industry and really believe in the treatments that you offer your clients. That is the key to success.

I then asked her what her advice to graduating student would be. She simply said
I always tell them to be the very best they can be.

Finally, I asked her why so much laughter could be heard coming out of her classrooms. What was her philosophy about life. Her answer made me smile.
Never take life too seriously.


Ali Porter
Making people feel good about themselves mind, body and spirit is Ali’s aim when she goes to work in her own salon B.lush Studios in CBD Toowoomba. Lashes and makeup are her top services. When I asked her who she was most inspired by she answered
Australian Make-up Artist Rae Morris. She shares so much of her knowledge and the secrets to her success.
As an experienced Beauty Therapist, she has a keen interest in anti-ageing techniques and has worked with many Skin Care Companies over her years in salons. Ali loves to travel and hopes to add more stamps to her passport and while she’s there, advance her skills in her other love, photograph. You’ll find yourself laughing at Ali’s spontaneous antics in the classroom where the focus is on communication skills and hands on practice.

As a teacher she loves to see students blossom into industry professionals and uncover their own special talent. It is her intention to have her graduate’s leaving college confident in their skills and knowledge and on their way to finding the job of their dreams.

The funky clean ambience of B.lush Salon

Heart-felt words brightens your day, and makes the job so worthwhile

Ali’s tips for success

  • Practice and persistence
  • Take every opportunity, you never know where it leads
  • Seek work experience in an environment you see yourself working in and walk through the open doors.
  • Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know
  • Everyone has a talent, they just must find the courage to share it.
  • Go with your gut instinct






Sometimes a student can say it perfectly. Here is what a past student Emma McClurg had to say about Ali

Ali provided immaculate teaching skills using a combination of exceptional presentations and excellent hands on teaching skills that catered for all learning abilities. Ali motivates all students to have confidence, strive to pursue excellence and succeed.


Donna Chadwick

Donna loves teaching. She’s been teaching for 26 years! In fact, the biggest influence in her Beauty career was her Academy teacher, who inspired her to follow a career in education. She loves to pass on her knowledge, all with a quirky Lancashire sense of humour and a genuine love for her students. Donna holds professionalism and ethics in the highest regard and encourages her students to embrace each lesson.

It is also important to her that students are taught how to be prepared for the industry, so she focuses on emulating this as much as possible in practical and clinic sessions. Experience has taught her this makes the transition from academy to industry true, realistic and seamless. Apart from teaching Donna’s most memorable experience was opening her own Salon.  A thriving business that employed 6 staff and had a loyal client base, many of which still come to see her for their treatments today. Donna is now in her 36th year of service in the Beauty Industry.

The most humbling and heart-felt comments from a student that Donna has received was from a Single mum of 3 including an autistic child and a disabled child. Who never missed a class.


“I had lots of road blocks ahead of me when I started this course, at times I though I just can’t do this. But every time I thought this I remembered your sweet smile Donna. Your kind hand on my shoulder telling me, this is my time, and how happy I feel on each training day.  Now I have completed my diploma and have a part time beauty job. I have no more road blocks just an endless highway of happiness.”


I asked Donna what the most important thing to her was.

Family. My goal in life is to be happy, kind, helpful and understanding. Life is too short so make it count! I feel so lucky to watch my family grow with health and happiness and to work in this Beautiful industry. I feel blessed everyday that I have chosen this pathway.

…and what do you believe is the key to success?

When you have a dream, a passion, work hard at it.  Stay professional.  Have respect for yourself and others.  Open your mind to possibilities.  If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

Bridie Eaton

Bridie has always had an interest in makeup and beauty treatments, including hair-cuts and dabbled in them all before becoming qualified. Although she admits she nipped a few ears and is thankful she didn’t become a hairdresser.  Maybe we should call her Bridie Van Gough?

Seriously, making naturally based skin care products for  a son with extreme eczema was Bridie’s introduction into the world of skin care and eventually beauty. From humble beginnings as a student Bridie has built two successful business’s including her current business Lara Day Spa and Wellness Center in Victoria.  An upmarket spa with 5 treatment rooms in a

The beautiful healing vibes of the Lara Day Spa

renovated 3-bedroom house.  It’s no surprise then that the people that inspire her most are women who own, build and run successful businesses and manage their family commitments. Bridie loves to instil these qualities in her students, building their confidence because she believes that confidence in their ability is pivotal to becoming an outstanding therapist. When I asked her what she loved about teaching she said.

“I’m helping to make wonderful eager women into talented therapists. Seeing the penny drop when they get the science they have been taught and relate it to their treatments always pleases me”

In the classroom Bridie encourages the students to be hands on very early in their studies.  They go over treatments together and she has a strong belief in repetition as effective learning. She aims to mentor students to be giving and kind as well as providing nurturing, exceptional and professional treatments for their clients. I asked her, since the learning journey is reciprocal what the students teach her.

“Students keep me humble and on my toes.  They inspire me to be the best trainer I can possibly be”

Training my staff and students is so rewarding


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Meet our Remedial Massage Teacher in Maroochydore

Jacqui Beutel

When a close friend of mine was hospitalised, diagnosed with throat and lung cancer I would visit her and comfort her by carefully and gently placing my hands on her arms, legs, hands, shoulders and forehead, letting the warmth of my hands mould into her body. A process known as ‘holding’. This experience led me to explore massage and other supportive treatments for people suffering with cancer.
Over the years my motivation to increase my knowledge in well-being and complementary health-care has given me the opportunity to complete an extensive range of qualifications. I am qualified in Remedial Massage, Oncology Massage, Lymphoedema and Lipoedema Management, Compression Garment fitting (sleeves, stockings, custom made, ready to wear) Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Swedish (relaxation) massage, Pregnancy Massage and ArōmaTouch Technique.
I am passionate about the correct assessment of each client and the delivery of evidence-based treatment. My years of dedication to these fields has resulted in me becoming an industry leader in lymphoedema and lipoedema management.
I share my time now between teaching the Diploma of Remedial Massage, running courses ranging from information sessions to 6-day intensive course. In between times, I run a busy part time private practice in Brisbane specialising in lymphoedema, lipoedema and oncology massage which keeps me industry registered, skills current and fulfils my need to help others. My thirst for knowledge has me also studying a Diploma of Aromatherapy so I can learn more about the Essential Oils I use in massage for compromised health.

I often speak at community groups and conferences on “Lymphoedema” and “Lipoedema” and was recently an international speaker for the World Breast Cancer Summit. I am passionate about education and being able to empower my clients with things they can do at home to help themselves. But most of all, I love teaching others what’s not written in the books.
As a therapist one of my most memorable experiences is working as a volunteer for Little Haven Palliative, donating my time one morning a week to massage oncology patients and their carer’s. Massage has also surprised me in many ways over the years. The one thing I didn’t expect to gain from my massage career is the profound difference that can be made to someone’s life through skilful touch.
As a trainer my focus is getting my students industry ready. I suggest that all my graduates work for someone else for at least 6 months to develop their skillset, confidence and learn the in’s and out’s of running a business. I also re-iterate that they remain client focused and always follow-up. We are in the business of well-ness and service, so this is essential to success.
When you enrol to study Remedial Massage with me at Demi International you will receive a massage table and a starter kit of oils.
We are also recognised training provider with three major Australian Massage Associations.

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Meet our Teacher Michelle Michaelson Diploma of Screen and Media in Toowoomba

I learnt my craft working with top photographers, directors, models and performers. I was lucky enough that my training occurred in a high demand industry where everything had to be exactly right before the shot was taken. I developed the ability to create photoshop like results because of this in strict time-frames.

I trained with Frankilin Chaloner ‘The Makeup Man from New York –  Makeup Artist to the Stars’. Franklin was Training Director for Helena Rubinstein and worked with top movie stars like Joan Crawford amongst all the glamour and style of Hollywood. One of my emerging career highlights was winning the Franklin International College of Beauty’s Top Makeup Artist Award.

I went on to work for Channel Ten, where I received acclaim for my high-level skill-set and my professionalism, my attention to detail and perfect finish. This naturally led to beginning my freelance work for most of the TV Networks in Brisbane and I also explored my creative side by getting involved in experimental photography projects with young photographers. I first discovered my passion for teaching in the early 90s when I was asked by Lyndall Meredith (famous Australian model of the 70s) and owner of Meredith Casting and Model Management to teach makeup, grooming and deportment class for the models on her books.

I’ve had an amazing career to date, with so much variety and love my job. I’ve worked 20+ model live runway shows where I have designed makeup looks to showcase designer’s creations. I’ve worked backstage in theatre and the fashion industry, in wardrobe, makeup and styling. I was fortunate to work with Miranda Kerr early in her career. I’ve worked on video clips, photo shoots and on tour in Australia, US and Canada with some of Australia’s most successful rock acts of the time like Divinyls, Chrissy Amphlett, and the Screaming Jets and more recently Tyrone Noonan (George) and Sahara Beck as hair and makeup artist, wardrobe and stylist.  I’ve also worked for David Anderson, one of the photographers for Australian Idol.


I’ve also worked in film with many Australian Directors including Australian writer Steven Sewell’s on his directing debut. I’ve worked with HD camera technology, and up-to-date film industry technology. I completed two feature films and an award winning short film.

I absolutely love to share all the knowledge I have gained over my years of work in make-up.  I am passionate about training high-quality makeup artists that are industry ready, highly skilled and sought after whether as freelance artists or following their makeup dreams with well-known makeup companies. My classroom is a fun environment where we work hard and apply attention to detail in every aspect of makeup from fashion to film.



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Meet Nalii our Diploma of Screen and Media Teacher in Cairns


I am a hair, makeup and special effects artist with 15 years of artistic experience, including fine & commercial arts.


I work predominately in Tropical North Qld, but I also work interstate and nationally. I have the heart of a gypsy and a thirst for new life experiences and am currently working towards achieving my goal of working internationally.


Magic, creativity and inspiration are what I bring to my classroom. I dream big! Although I have received feedback about being naturally gifted, I truly believe hard-work, passion and the desire to learn are the keys to success. I see all my students as aspiring artists and love to share my creative wisdom and encourage them to be the best make-up artist they can be.


My years in the industry have given me the opportunity to really refine my skills and I use a synergistic blend of everything I have learnt on my journey to produce my art, no matter what the canvas. I love to envisage a creative project and see it through the creative process of design, create, apply and direct all the way to concept completion. I have a broad range of skills including:


Beauty, glamour makeup 

Prosthetics & SPFX Makeup

Film and Photography Makeup

Character and Makeup Design

Styling and Fashion Design

Jewelry, accessory and prop manufacture

Sculpture and Marquette design and manufacture

Fine art, drawing, sketching and digital art

Photography and Lighting

Art Directing and Film Experience

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Meet our Remedial Massage Teacher at our Toowoomba Campus

Hi my name is Danielle Salmon. After a couple of family members were involved in car accidents I saw first hand how a gap existed in the health journey between surgery and re-cooperation. This was the beginning of my career as a Remedial Massage Therapist.

I took my first position as a Remedial Therapist and Chiropractic Assistant with Neville Parkinson at Parkinson’s Chiropractic. I stayed with Nev for 8 years.  In this time, I expanded my knowledge of the body’s structure and function.  Nev showed me to see outside the box and trace the problem to the root cause rather than just the symptom.  I have used all these techniques combined with my remedial, deep tissue and musculoskeletal training to successfully assist people to improve their functionality and improve their quality of life.  Nev was a very generous mentor, sharing his knowledge and educating me with each client we worked on together.  The passing on of knowledge has been instrumental in me helping so many people, that I decided to share my years of knowledge and experience with students who were entering the Remedial Massage industry.

I love teaching and have been honoured to teach for the last 7 years. I’ve been so lucky to work with amazing students and humbled to receive feedback like Georginas.

“Thanks so much for all the knowledge, guidance and laughter over the last six months, you truly are amazing”

I still run a very successful private clinic where I am doing what I love most, helping people to find pain-relief and increase their overall well-being.

Massage has given me an appreciation of people, of life and of the bodies innate intelligence.  The results that are possible when the body is given the right conditions and support to heal.

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When you want your skin to feel and look years younger!

Microdermabrasion is a machine delivered exfoliation. It targets the dead skin cells of the outer layer of skin, the Stratum Corneum. Diamond heads are moved across the surface of the skin to break up the dead skin cells and then a vacuum mechanism clears away the exfoliated skin. With the outer skin barrier removed moisture and the active ingredients in skin products can penetrate the deeper layers of skin. The results; smoother, softer, younger looking skin.

Great for rejuvenation of sun damaged skin, age spots, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, opening and clearing clogged pores and assisting the repair of acne scarring.  A more radiant result can be achieved by combining chemical peels or IPL. The light of the IPL works on rejuvenating and removing pigment and the microdermabrasion removes the dead outer layers so continual cell renewal is occurring.

An experienced clinician should give you detailed information about before and after treatment care.

The following steps are how a typical micro-dermabrasion treatment is delivered in our student clinic.

·         The face is cleansed using a cleanser tailored to your skin type

·         Micro-dermabrasion is performed over the face and décolletage if needed.

·         A cooling mask is applied followed by an intensive moisturiser.

Your skin might be a little dry following a treatment, make sure you have a great hydrating mist and a moisturiser suited to your skin type to keep your skin hydrated as it heals and regenerates. We love YUVA and ASAP products, which can be purchased from our reception. Don’t forget to apply a 30+ SPF daily to protect your new fresh skin cells. Your skin will feel softer and after several successive treatments most people find they can visibly see and feel the change in their skin.

You may have already experienced the benefits of micro-dermabrasion and loved it.  If you would love to be able to offer this service to others, you might want to considering studying with us.  You can call us anytime to discuss your options.


How is your skin feeling this winter?    

If you could have any advice about your skin what would you ask?

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IPL and Laser for Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation

IPL and Laser are one of the most popular nonsurgical beauty procedures for skin rejuvenation and hair removal with long-term results.

Both IPL and Laser use light technology which targets the dark pigment in hair and skin. In hair reduction the light heats the hair follicle damaging it, affecting the body’s ability to re-produce hair.  IPL machines use a broad-spectrum wavelength, like a light bulb, the light spreads over a large area. Laser’s use a more specific focused light energy to penetrate deep into one area. The most effective results are on dark hair with fair skin, your clinician should understand which treatment and machine would be most effective for your skin type. A course of treatments is recommended for best results.

Any part of the body can be treated. The most popular areas are the smaller high-maintenance areas, underarm and bikini.  Both popular for the rash free smooth clean look, that lasts long-term.

IPL also effectively treats beauty imperfections like pigmentation, vascular conditions and acne and is successfully used for skin rejuvenation and sun damage.

These are powerful machines that can cause permanent damage, like unwanted pigmentation or skin lightening, burning and scarring. Be sure your clinician understands how medications, medical conditions, sun exposure, and hormonal changes can affect your response to treatments.  A good practitioner will give you a very thorough assessment and give you clear direction for before and after care treatment. They will have completed a Laser Safety Officer and be registered with Qld Radiation.

Esthetician performing laser hair removal.

The Dermal Clinic is now open at Demi International on Thursdays.  All treatments are provided by our expert trainer, a paramedical nurse with over 30 years’ clinical experience specialising in skin rejuvenation. For more information on treatments and making an appointment please call us on 53096635.


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The Essential List for Coping with Unhappy Clients

buildrelationshipsAs the terms count down closer to the end of the year, Beauty and Massage clinics are getting busier, and filling log books is becoming an essential task.

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then we might make a mistake which results in one of our clients becoming unhappy or leaving feedback that feels discouraging. Providing treatments for the first time can be a nerve wracking, body shaking, palm sweaty experience. Thoughts can flow through your mind like; ‘What if they don’t like my pressure?”. “What if I bruise or hurt a client in some way?”. “What if I make a mistake, say or do the wrong thing?” There are thousands of ‘what if’s’ but generally everything runs very smoothly and with every new client you gain more experience and more confidence.

What does happen though when something doesn’t go as planned and you have an unhappy client? Most genuine people are very understanding if you can show integrity and treat them with respect.

Here are five proven steps to a successful resolution:

  1. Stay calm: It is always best to stay calm when talking with an upset or angry client.  You want to diffuse the situation not add more fuel to the fire.  Staying calm also helps you to really listen to the complaints the client may have.  This gives you a much better opportunity to respond in a professional manner when you are given the opportunity. Showing understanding is always helpful.
  2. Take responsibility: This is a BIG one! It is easy to blame circumstances or someone else, but this is often aggravating to an already upset client.  Taking responsibility for your actions and apologising shows maturity, integrity and professionalism and allows you to work towards finding a solution. Blaming something else always leads to a never-ending cycle of blame.
  3. Explain what has happened: In simple language give the client an explanation of what has happened.  Use terms the client can understand, and begin to work towards some options for a solution.
  4. Find the win-win situation: Work with the client to find a solution so that the situation isn’t repeated. Listen to the clients feedback and thank them.
  5. Offer something for the trouble: Apart from it being the right thing to do, offering a client a gift card, a free product, or a complimentary treatment with you or another therapist is a lovely way to maintain a great relationship with a client.
  6. Follow up: Take action and follow-up with a phone call or email.  Speaking to the person is always the best practice. However if they are not available to speak to, you might send an email or a card in the mail.

Remember also, sometimes a client may just not like the way you provide a treatment. This is OK.  Feedback will vary from client to client, one may give you feedback that scores very high and the next client receiving exactly the same treatment may give just an average score.  You can only do your best each time and don’t take the odd low scoring feedback too personally.  You can always ask your trainer for suggestions where you might improve if you’re concerned.

A great little saying to remember is “when you get nervous, focus on service” Make your treatments about your client, not about you!

Why not share some of your best client stories with us?

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Diary of a Make-up Artist in Training

Makeup_11.3.13This week has been really exciting!  We’ve all really had to use our imaginations to break down scripts, create storyboards, breakdown characters and design face charts to suit. It’s definitely a real skill to be able to do this effectively and represent a character really well.  Our teacher is so supportive, stepping us through all the necessary steps to producing a really effective makeup brief.

Period pieces and special effects characters are definitely my most favourite to create.  We decided as a class to work in groups on three different movies  (Titanic, Mean Girls and Twilight) and create a brand new scene! We have such a great opportunity in the Diploma of Specialist Make-up to really develop and use our creativity.  We have all been busy creating storyboards, character analysis, and hair and makeup charts – for the scenes that never made the big screen. Even though I think the work we’ve done is so great, that they should have!

It’s been both challenging and rewarding learning to work with my group and all the different dynamics that happen within a group.  So many great ideas, how do we agree on just one? With our teacher’s guidance we have all learnt how to negotiate and communicate with each other to produce the end product. Because in the end that’s what we are really working towards.

Watch this space for the next Adruitha Lee and Robin Matthews team!


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